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“Eros Group partnered with heat & energy appliances manufacturer Rinnai in 2021”

Rinnai, was establishment in 1920 as a comprehensive manufacturer of heat and energy appliances. The Company has been providing various products that meet the diversified needs of customers under the keywords of “safety and peace of mind,” “comfort,” and “environmentally friendly. Rinnai’s product lineup consists of kitchen appliances, such as stoves and rice cookers; hot water systems, and air-conditioning appliances.


Eros Group and Rinnai partnered together to establish its distribution in the middle east market starting early this year. The Rinnai Group develops and provides high-quality heat and energy appliances that are optimized to the living cultures, climates, and energy situations of various world nations. In addition to Japan, these include the United States, China, Australia, South Korea, Indonesia, Brazil, and Italy. Incorporating advanced technologies, our products are acclaimed as the No. 1 brand in many countries due to their eco-friendliness (contribution to CO2 emission reductions and energy conservation), convenience and comfort (derived from Japanese manufacturing technologies), and, most importantly, their highly reliable quality.

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